Our activities & Programs

Our Activities & Programs

technical consultancy for the provision of all medical and rehabilitative techniques tailored to the entire needs of patients, the disabled, the infirm and the elderly.
professional advice for the provision of all types of advanced medical and rehab equipment, devices and supplies matching the latest rehab technology through eligible global partnerships.
marketing advisory services for health, medical and rehabilitation projects at all levels and through different stages.
technical advice on establishing, gearing, operating and managing medical and rehabilitation facilities at all levels, through different stages and with universal quality standards.
conducting specialized, scientific, social and economic studies, research and field surveys for all the care providing sectors who deal with the issues of people with special needs and the elderly throughout the public and private sectors.
updating knowledge relating the establishment of a national industrial base for the production of the necessary devices and supplies for rehabilitating the disabled and the aged based on national industry and directly perfected by major international companies.
improving the work and procedures of the centers, units, hospitals and all the facilities concerned with the provision of services to patients, the disabled, the infirm and the elderly in accordance with international practices and quality standards.
giving investment advice for improving investment opportunities in the health and rehab sectors, and providing economic feasibility studies and financial indicators relating to the constituent and operational cost, as well as to the
requirements of the development work in the various phases of operation.
holding joint consultations on architecture, engineering and construction with major specialist companies in establishing and designing medical and rehabilitation facilities.
executive consultancy on training, development, performance measurement and the provision of development programs at the levels of administrative staff, technicians, and all the other human resources sectors; in addition to developing procedures and strategies for the facilities’ departments and techniques of modern technology in all business areas.
advising on the establishment, operation development and maintenance of laboratories and workshops for rehab engineering and technology in health facilities of both public and private sectors.
consultations for the submission and implementation of awareness, educational, instructional and preventive campaigns about the entire health and rehab activities involved in caring for patients, the disabled, the infirm and the elderly, together with the provision of the relevant materials tools and techniques.
consulting for the provision of scientific, operational, academic, technical, medical and rehabilitation cadres, as well as specialist nursing staff, and developing their level of performance in accordance with the facilities’ systematic objectives, vision and strategy.
offering executive tips on awareness and informative programs in humanitarian areas, and taking particular care of patients, the disabled, the infirm and the elderly, their families and different environments.
providing advice on investment and financing solutions for government and private departments, and developing investment and financing programs that include attracting investors to medical, health and rehabilitation sectors.
giving executive counseling for the adoption of health, medical and rehabilitation institutions and their reception of universal accreditation certificates in keeping with the advanced standards of procedure.
elaborating administrative and technical systems in medical and rehab institutions, as well as structuring and restructuring programs covering departmental levels, job descriptions, training programs and advanced development initiatives in the field.
giving executive consulting and development programs for the organization and preparation of contributions, programs, workshops, and introducing effectiveness in both conferences and meetings at the local and regional levels.